V – Shape Back Workout

First you have to warm up properly so your central nervous system will get activated before starting your exercise you have to do warm up exercise . Like light weight dumbell rows , cable rows or use any kind of weight to warm up your entire back . so by doing this our main exercise will be better .


REPS – 20

SETS – 2

V – Shape Back Workout 


V-Grip lat pulldown

You have to do this exercise very slowly and squeezing when pulling down. Streching at the top is compulsary u have to feel the exercise. If  you are not streching or squezzing then you are not pulling it properly it means the weight is quite heavy and your form is not correct so reduce the weight and correct your form. squezzing back and streching back is very important. you have to increase the weight. In every set.  And your back must be straight or chest should be up.


Close grip machine rows

This exercise is for mid back for muscles around the spine your back should be straight don’t bend your back. If you bend your back or drop your back then it is not healty for your lower back disc. In this exercise your mid back muscles around the spine are training and form should be correct means slow and controlled form. Your spine should be straight you have to squeez the muscles nicely and strech it properly which is important to grow the muscle. When you pull the handle your handle should be close to your stomach. If you are not pulling it properly it means the weight is quite heavy and your form is not correct so reduce the weight and correct your form. If you don’t have the close grip handle then you can use rope or you can use small bar and your grip should be close. 


wide grip lat pulldown

You have to use wide grip bar and Your grip should be neutral. Neither under hand not over hand in this position your lower lats will get trained including rhomboids and upper lats. This is our entire lats exercise. Full strech at top and full contraction at the bottom increase weight in every set and If you are using heavy weight use strap which is important for the gripping do full strech and full squeez your lats muscles. You have to do this exercise in slow and controlled form you don’t have to just move the weight which lots of people mostly do you have to contract the muscle which is important when you pulls the weight down make sure you contract the muscles. We will train all the muscle group in this training you have to increase the weight in every set. 


This is a lower back exercise mostly people ignore the lower back muscle. They don’t train it which is your biggest weakness. You should train lower back muscle by training lower back. Your core will be strengthen and your spine stays healthy. This exercise is must in your workout schedule. If you are doing this exercise first time then do bodyweight first avoid using dumbell or plate and slowly you can start adding weights. Most of the people have lower back pain problem because the reason is your lower back is weak and have tight muscle. You need to do this exercise for which your lower back muscles will get stretched and increases the flexiblity. Your spine should be straight from your neck to hip/lower back your spine should be fully straight you don’t have to extend your back when you go up. When you came down don’t drop your back either.

Advanced people can use heavy barbell or dumbbell.